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PATHWAY project aims at strengthening the “University-enterprise cooperation” in particular by promoting entrepreneurship and employability of graduates. PATHWAY is a structural project aiming to have an impact at the national level by enhancing the entrepreneurship and employability culture of Higher Education institutions in the Philippines to meet labour market needs and governmental reforms.

PATHWAY will build the bridges between the university-business cooperation to ensure that universities become engines for innovation and employment.

PATHWAY activities and working methodology are based on the real needs of the partner country institutions which is reflected by the quality of the consortium. The activities will be carried out in a logical order to obtain the expected specific objectives towards the consolidation of entrepreneurship and employment structures and the implementation of pilot initiatives and policy recommendations.

PATHWAY will help modernize the existing structure of the employment centres, the Policy White Paper and the Pilot Actions to serve as role models for the other universities.  The main expected outputs will be achieved through good practices sharing, experience transfer, training for capacity building, several events with the participation of the students and the business sector, the recommendation to turn entrepreneurship into competencies. Publishable outputs and their subsequent diss. will provide reference materials and extend the project reach.