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Apr 01, 2024

Pathway project members from Benguet State University actively facilitated student activities on entrepreneurship and employment.  

The most recent one is the Hotel and Restaurant Tourism Week held on November 13 and 14, 2023. The event, coordinated by Pathway project member Amelia G. Bawang, was organized by Bachelor of Science in Hotel Management 4th Year students for the 3rd year students. The event theme is “Elevate, Explore, Empower: Unleashing Business Visionaries This will pave the way to Promote Employability and Entrepreneurship, the Philippine Way to our future graduates.” 

The event showcased the skills in business marketing as they facilitated the launching of the proposed business of the third-year students. Moreover, marketing and promoting the products and services highlighted the event and Business Proposal were evaluated by esteemed guest lecturers and entrepreneurs.  This became an avenue for the BSHM 3rd year students to turn their business ideas into reality and personally offer to their co-students, faculty members, employees, and everyone their products and services. This is an initial assessment of their planned business and as a forerunner in their future entrepreneurship ventures. 

Indeed, this is one of the best practices of the Department of Hotel Management to allow students to put into life reality the theories learned in the classroom. 

Another activity is the annual Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) held on November 14 to 17, 2024. This was coordinated by Pathway Project member Jeftee Ben B. Pinos-an. 

The event brought together visionaries, professionals, and aspiring entrepreneurs under the theme, "Igniting innovative solutions for a better and brighter future." Let's delve into the enriching events that unfolded each day.

Day 1: November 14

The event kicked off with an inspiring Opening Remarks by Dr. Norma P. Banania, who encouraged participants to savor the occasion with the reminder that it happens only once a year. Eugene S. Lumasok, the first speaker, emphasized the qualities of perseverance, humility, professionalism, and patience as essential traits for entrepreneurs. He stressed the importance of being people-first oriented to ensure customer satisfaction.

Pinos-an followed with the welcome remarks, emphasizing the interconnectedness of success and the need for everyone's participation. OIC President, John Botengan, in behalf of the BSU President, shared an Inspirational Message, expressing his inspiration drawn from the activities. He highlighted the idea that anyone, regardless of their position, can embody an entrepreneurial spirit and contribute to innovation.

Lesley Dale Umayat provided valuable insights, noting that lessons don't come to you; you must actively seek nuggets of learning. He emphasized the importance of validating the market for innovations and the significance of collaboration and sharing ideas.

The day also featured a Stationary Cheering Competition and the exciting launch of Food stalls and wellness services.

Day 2: This day showcased the CHET Project Runway, the launch of the CHET weaving room, a Weaving 101 seminar & workshop, and the Market Basket Challenge. These activities aimed to foster creativity and hands-on learning, providing participants with practical insights into entrepreneurship.

Day 3: Entrepreneurial Talks, an Entrep & Accounting Quiz Bee, and Part 1 of Entrep Got Talent were the highlights of the third day. The diversity of events ensured a well-rounded experience, encompassing knowledge-sharing, intellectual engagement, and entertainment.

Day 4: The penultimate day featured the much-anticipated Business Pitching Competition and Part 2 of Entrep Got Talent. The Closing Program concluded the week on a high note with an Inspirational Speech from Maria Faithful Ragasa. She emphasized focusing on goals, the power of the mind, and the importance of establishing trust and product quality.

Pinos-an expressed appreciation and awarded certificates to winners across all activities. The event concluded with a Raffle Draw, adding an element of excitement to the festivities.

In retrospect, GEW 2023 was a celebration of innovation, collaboration, and entrepreneurial spirit. Participants were not only equipped with practical knowledge but also inspired to contribute positively to the ever-evolving landscape of entrepreneurship. As the curtains closed on this year's event, the echoes of insightful discussions and the energy of creative initiatives lingered, paving the way for a future of endless possibilities in the entrepreneurial realm.

Meanwhile, Samuel Duyan, another Pathway project member, also coordinated the Annual Agribusiness and Economics Majors Society Week on November 24, 2023.//

G.KMarcos, E.Estigoy & J.Liban,