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Apr 06, 2024

The project Promoting the employAbility and enTrepreneurship of Higher Education graduates through innovative WAYs in the Philippines (PATHWAY)  has concluded with a National Conference held on April 3-4, 2024 at the Golden Lion Hotel of Pangasinan State University.

The National Conference titled “PATHWAYs to Success: Expanding Opportunities for Higher Education Graduates through Entrepreneurship and Employability,” was facilitated by the project partners led by the International Affairs Service, Region 1 Office and Office of Programs and Standards Development of the Commission on Higher Education. 

The conference, which was also streamed through Zoom and shared in Facebook, was participated by public and private schools from all over the Philippines. 

The first day of the conference was graced by Dr. Christine Nabor Ferrer, Director of the CHED Region 1 Office who welcomed the participants and guests with an opening statement. This was followed by a keynote message from Atty. Lily Frieda Milla of the CHED-International Affairs Service. Atty. Milla 

In her speech, Atty Milla discussed the various roles of CHED, the academia, communities, the industries and the government fostering employability and innovation among Filipino students. 

“The Pathway project is a significant undertaking for us and an important component of our evolving and dynamic partnership with the European Union concretized with the numerous Erasmus Plus projects that the Philippines have been receiving,” said Atty. Milla.

Through a video message, Congressman Ron P. Salo of the Kabayan Party List conveyed his support and commendation to the organizers of the conference. As a grantee of an international scholarship himself, he believes that the collaborative efforts and innovative approaches showcased in the conference will inspire HEIs to develop holistic programs that nurture the development and success of students.

Resource speakers for the keynote lectures included Dr. Gary Wood of the New Model Institute for Technology and Engineering, United Kingdom who talked about skills ecosystem; Ms. Helen Baisa of the European Chamber of Commerce who discussed skills and competency needs of the industry; Ms. Grace Baluyan of the Department of Trade and Industry Regional Office 1 talked about the Innovation Act and support for entrepreneurship;  and Ms. Cristina Beans of the University of Alicante who talked about Pathways to employability. 

The afternoon lectures were done by Dr. Maribeth Buenviaje of the Lyceum of the Philippines University-Batangas who presented the Entrepreneurship Competencies Framework developed through the Pathway project; Dr. Victor Climent of the University of Alicante who shared the use of observatories as tools for analysis of managerial discourse on competencies and skills; Dr. Susana de Juana Espinosa of the University of Alicante who discussed how entrepreneurship could be promoted in universities; and Dr. Cherrie Melanie Ancheta-Diego of the CHED-Office of Programs and Standards Development who talked about integrating entrepreneurship competencies in higher education.

Day 2 of the conference consisted of Day 2 of the Pathway National Conference consisted of panel discussions, presentations of best practices that emerged from the project, and a workshop on mapping employability and entrepreneurship opportunities in the region facilitated by Dr. Antonio M. Lopez of the Technical Committee for Business Administration, Entrepreneurship and Governance.